This Is Important

Over the next 9-12 minutes you will take the same Schwartz PVQ survey as over 53,000 people in 49 countries.
Research showed this survey was a strong predictor of a person's core values, regardless of culture.

Key Instructions:

  1. Answer as you are, NOT how you want to be!
  2. Space out your scores for best results!
  3. Third Person language is designed to prevent your biases from overly influencing your results.
Your results will be available immediately!
Are you ready to live in greater PEACE and alignment?
NOTE: your partner will receive an email invite to the survey if you are doing this as a couple.
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Nice! Sounds Like Getting Clear On Both Your Core Values And Motivations Would Be Helpful.

Leading researchers in social psychology have shown that your motivations are driven by your core values AND, as a couple, your core values are likely to be different. So?

If you understand your core values and motivation differences there’s probably no issue.

When you don’t have clarity on those differences, look out! You’ll run into each other much more often than necessary and not really know why.