Welcome to LifeSync, I'm Greg.

Back in 2018 I climbed the ladder onto a large piece of machinery I was inspecting.

Sweat was pouring off my body...it was crazy hot and 100% humidity. Deafening drone of insects.

But the brain fog was worse. Dizzy.

When I woke up on the factory floor,

all I thought about was that gnawing, hollow space inside where my energy and joy used to be.
Inspection completed, I flew back home over the Pacific.

On the outside, I was the founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar international company.

On the inside I was resenting almost all of it.

I didn't enjoy my customers.

My industry.

Even some of my partners.

In truth, I wasn't enjoying my life.

I was quietly suffering. But why?

Unfortunately, hundreds of books, years of meditation, and seeking of all flavours,

had delivered no lasting answers.

But I now understand that my lack of peace, lack of contentment, constant searching,

showing up as the person I thought someone wanted me to be,

and always distracting myself with the next adventure, project or crazy experience,

was the path and the pain I needed to evolve.

I wasn't living authentically at all.

And really, how could I?

I didn't know what I truly cared about at my core.

And then my friend Alexis, who survived cancer, started asking about my values.

I pretty much dismissed the discussion initially.


Values is such an overused word that it didn't carry any weight for me.

Yes, yes my core values are important.

But he pressed, Greg what ARE your core values?

I mumbled some fuzzy ideas back and he just smiled.

And then in the spirit of all great teachers, he asked, "how well does you life line up with those values?"

Since I had no real idea what my deepest values were, I obviously couldn't answer his question.

And there started my quest to really figure out what my inner being truly desires. My most important values.

And then to re-design my life so that everything lined up.

Peace. Contentment. Authenticity. Impact. Connection.

I'm there now. And it's wonderful.

I want show you an essential part of who you are.

The guiding principles of your life.

The guiding principles which are your basic human values.

You have them.

But you probably don't know what they are.

Are there lies the problem. And the opportunity.

After your basic human values are clear,

I want to help you train your subconscious to automatically remember them,

not for a few days or months only to be forgotten in the noise.

For life.

There's a bigger issue at play here too.

We've never had so much, and felt so unsatisfied.

• Comfort
• Information
• Opportunities
• Experiences
• Food
• Stimulation

But you're not really content are you?

You're still searching.

I presume that's why you're here.

What if you lived in complete authenticity, connection, and peace?

Fully aligned and massively increasing your contribution and impact?

Would you be satisfied?


First Me. Then HumanKind™
Have you ever tried to play a game without knowing all the rules? Pretty frustrating at times right? Did you experience unintended consequences from some of your moves?

I came up with the concept for LifeSync after realizing in the hardest way possible, that I was playing life without knowing the most important rules. The rules that governed my happiness, my health, my joy, my relationships, my peace.

What are those rules?

My story yo-yo’s from wild, early success to gut wrenching failure and back again.  Yes, in the overused refrain, “I learned so much” but in truth I could have done without a lot of the painful parts of the journey.

Why did I get fired from that first job at big corporate so soon after university?  Why did I LOVE the adventure and stress of building my own companies?

Why are some people so easy to get along with and why do I clash so quickly with others? 

Why did I ignore so many wise, loving people around me and push myself until I ended up sick?

I didn't know my rules!

There were times when I partnered with the wrong people–and pursued business and life activities that did not resonate with me at all. 

And there were incredibly uplifting times when I had unconsciously acted in alignment with my values and my current life purpose.

HOW can we all move toward a life that is consistently in alignment with who we really are?

How do we play consistently by our own rules of life?

Simply put, psychologists and neurobiologists have shown that when we act in alignment with what we care about most, we’re typically happy. Well.  Connected. Fulfilled.

What do you care about most?

How consistent are your life choices?

We created LifeSync for you and nothing would make me happier than hearing from you that getting clear on ‘your rules for life’ and consistently making life choices in alignment with those rules has brought you a better life.

Yours in exploration,
Greg Nuk (“Nook“), P.Eng MBA
Founder and Exploration Guide
LifeSync Unlimited
PS. Here's my LifeSync™ Values Motivation Map…'my rules', and how they motivate me.
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Nice! Sounds Like Getting Clear On Both Your Core Values And Motivations Would Be Helpful.

Leading researchers in social psychology have shown that your motivations are driven by your core values AND, as a couple, your core values are likely to be different. So?

If you understand your core values and motivation differences there’s probably no issue.

When you don’t have clarity on those differences, look out! You’ll run into each other much more often than necessary and not really know why.