LifeSync Core Values System For Me

A powerful visualization of your core values and how they motivate your life choices. JPEG or Canvas.

Clearly understand all your core values and motivations. See how to immediately start using these insights to live more aligned.

It’s hard to see ourselves clearly. Get anonymous feedback from up to 5 people that know you best. Confirm your core values. Spot any gaps in how you’re living them!

How to make sure you remember your core values for ALL your life decisions? Hack your subconscious and it happens automatically.

Lifetime Access!   30 day money back guarantee

LifeSync Core Values System For Couples


Do You Want a Deeper Relationship?

Invest a few minutes of your time and less than a meal out.

What's included:

Lifetime Access!   30 day money back guarantee

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Understand your core motivations in one graphic

SubHack™ Values-Motivation Map graphically shows you how your basic values relate to your motivations in life that affect every decision you make and every behavior.

Use your personalized, high-res JPEG SubHack™ Map as wallpaper on your desktop and phone so that, through repetition, your subconscious can solidify your core values and motivations. It will then provide consistent input to your conscious, analytical mind as it’s making decisions in life.

Some LifeSyncers order a custom framed canvas of their SubHack™ Map so they see it every day. More subconscious strengthening. Excellent way to auto-align your life with very little effort.

Go deep to understand what's important to you

Mastery of life is mastery of self

Core values and how they motivate you is a key piece of complete self understanding.

Once you are crystal clear on your core values and motivations, now you can get to work making sure all the big stuff in life (relationships, work, impact, finances) is aligned with what is truly important to you.

Your report includes suggestions on what to consider doing next to ensure your life is consistently aligned with what’s inside.

It's hard to see ourselves clearly...this will help.

5 people who know you very well take the same PVQ Core Values Survey, only now they’re completing it about YOU.

You receive ANONYMOUS results. No need to create any relationship drama!

Your results are a comparison table of your survey values compared with those of your SyncCircle.

You get confirmation of your core values AND can pretty quickly spot any perceived gaps between your core values and how you show up in life. Fertile ground for reflection!

Insights without action is a waste...enter Subhack™!

Ever had a big insight on a course or after reflection and realize the following New Years that you did nothing with it? Join the club :)

Turning personal insights into life habits can be hard. AND you can enlist your subconscious mind to help make it WAY easier.

The basic, research supported approach of the SubHack™ tools is that the repetition of visual imagery that contains meaning over a sufficient period of time will automatically be absorbed and solidified by your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind heavily influences a lot of what your conscious, analytical mind thinks about and decides. Let’s start feeding your conscious mind with clear, aligned values and motivations!

Nice! Sounds Like Getting Clear On Both Your Core Values And Motivations Would Be Helpful.

Leading researchers in social psychology have shown that your motivations are driven by your core values AND, as a couple, your core values are likely to be different. So?

If you understand your core values and motivation differences there’s probably no issue.

When you don’t have clarity on those differences, look out! You’ll run into each other much more often than necessary and not really know why.