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9-12 minutes: tested in 49 countries

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Stress. Conflict. Searching. Anxiety.

Where do they come from?

Our lives are complex so of course there's more than one source for all these things. But we believe that it's THE GAP or INCONSISTENCY between your core values and what you do in life that drives a lot of these problems.

We help you discover or get clear on your top 5 core values with the leading model proven in 49 countries with over 53,000 participants

We show you how your core values are directly linked to your basic motivations in life.

Using our SubHack™ tools, we help you live life more consistently with your core values by making them 'top-of-mind' always.


"My Values Motivation Map has simplified my life: work projects, career goals, personal endeavors."

My results were initially surprising as my top values were not something that I would have chosen on my own.  But I realized those exact values are what drive so many of my choices on a daily basis–undercurrents of everything I do and why I do it.    

I have a new understanding of what my soul craves and how I need to live to feel true alignment with myself.  Having this new awareness is a game changer.  Now to practice!

Marisa – Victoria Canada

You Could Just Find A Free List Of Values Online, But...

  • Based on leading academic research with at least 49 countries and 53,000 people
  • Shows how your core values link to your motivations and behavior
  • Helps you confirm your core values and spot gaps in your life.
  • Helps you turn valuable insight into lifelong practice
  • Includes random values…and there are thousands!
  • Includes only universal, basic human values
  • LifeSyncTM Core Values System
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  • Free List of Values
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Would You Like Life To Be Even More Fulfilling?

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9-12 minutes: tested in 49 countries

Your Values Motivation Map

Understand Your Core Motivations In One Graphic
  • 1
    Your SubHackTM Values-Motivation Map graphically shows how your basic values relate to your motivations in life that affect every decision and every behavior​
  • 2
    Use your Personalized, high-res JPEG SubHackTM Map as wallpaper on your desktop and phone so that, through repetition, your subconscious can solidify your core values and motivations. It will then provide consistent input to your conscious, analytical mind and it’s making decisions in life.​
  • 3
    Some LifeSyncers order a custom framed canvas of their SubHackTM Map so they can see it everyday. More Subconscious Strengthening. Excellent way to auto-align your life with very little effort.

LifeSyncTM Core Values System

3 Steps to Auto-Align Your Life
  • Step 1

    Get Clear


    Take Core Values Survey

    Schwartz PVQ is the leading core values model in social psychology, proven in 49 countries with over 53,000 participants.
  • Step 2

    Confirm and Check Life Alignment


    SyncCircleTM 360 Values

    Get Anonymous confirmation of your core values and see any gaps in your life from up to 5 people that know you best.
  • Step 3

    Always Top of Mind


    SubHackTM Tools

    Hack your subconscious with your core values. Auto-align everything in your life.

It’s hard to see ourselves clearly… this will help.

  • 5 people who know you very well take the same PVQ Core Values Survey, only now they’re completing it about YOU.
  • you receive ANONYMOUS results. No need to create any relationship drama!
  • your results are a comparison table of your survey values compared with those of your SyncCircle.
  • you get confirmation of your core values AND can pretty quickly spot any perceived gaps between your core values and how you show up in life. Fertile ground for reflection!

SubHackTM SMS Program

Your weekly SMS will include your SubHackTM Map and ONE key reflection question that you ponder for 5 minutes.

"Research has shown that values influence behavior more strongly when people have previously thought about typical applications of those values" Schwartz, Handbook of Values. Oxford Press

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Do You Want To Live A Better Life?

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9-12 minutes: tested in 49 countries

A Proven Model Across Cultures

Wherever you live and however you were brought up, you're human.
Professor Schwartz's leading research has shown that we share a set of nearly universal core values that motivate our choices as we build our lives.
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You've Already Taken An Important Step: You're Here.

Leading researchers in social psychology have shown that ALL these important life elements improve when you get clear on your core values.

Why? Your core values motivate just about everything you do, but often we act inconsistently with them!

That’s why we built the LifeSync™ Core Values System for you.

Nice! Sounds Like Getting Clear On Both Your Core Values And Motivations Would Be Helpful.

Leading researchers in social psychology have shown that your motivations are driven by your core values AND, as a couple, your core values are likely to be different. So?

If you understand your core values and motivation differences there’s probably no issue.

When you don’t have clarity on those differences, look out! You’ll run into each other much more often than necessary and not really know why.